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Mobile Wireless Rental Wireless Card Rental

Wireless Card Rental


Welcome To RovAir! RovAir is the leading provider of 3G/4G wireless internet cards for temporary, short term, or right sized deployment. We serve:

The Individual Consumer looking for a "day pass" connection whenever and wherever they wish. If you are traveling for business or pleasure, no longer do you need to search for that hotspot or sign a long term contract. You can reserve your card today on this very page. Even better, you can become a Rovair OnDemand customer and let us activate your own equipment on demand. Pre-pay for 30 days in advance and then connect any 30 days throughout the year for the lowest rates.

The Hotel Industry for those properties looking to enhance their guest’s experience while also generating a new revenue stream.

Conventions and Tradeshows, offering both attendees and exhibitors an alternative to the exorbitant prices for internet connectivity so commonly found at these events.

Corporations seeking to reign in telecom expenses by right sizing their mobile data plans and only paying for actual usage.

You. All of us have found ourselves in situations where a mobile connection to the internet would be exactly what we need, when we need it. RovAir is the solution for you.

RovAir's mission is to provide our users with superior high-speed internet connectivity and customer service combined with unparalleled mobility in an internet day pass format.

Datacards Rent your mobile broadband wireless card for the day, week, or month from Rovair and experience the fastest wireless internet speeds available today. We even offer temporary mini networks for when your whole company goes on the road and is in need of internet access – cut your broadband rentals by 1/3 and cut costs. Call us today and ask about setting up a temporary mini network for your company.

If you are a business, meeting or other group in need of a temporary internet connection for your employees or your clients, please call 1.866.768.2479, and press 3 for the marketing department or email sales@rovair.com. We have special programs and pricing in place for your more expanded needs.

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